National Name Your Car Day! Treat Your Car to a Name, Repair and a Detail with a Personal Loan.


Today is National Name Your Car Day! Celebrate by treating your car to a name, repair, and some detailing with a personal loan from TLC! 


Naming cars has been a widespread American phenomenon for over 100 years, hence the national holiday! According to a study done by the Harvard Health Watch, an average American spends 101 minutes per day driving, in a life-time that adds up to 37,935 hours. After that amount of time, it’s no wonder people form a connection with their car! 


Take a look at some fun car name trends: 


Overall Top Car Names


Car Name Trends By Region


Name Trends By Make and Model

Source: Auto Nation 

Don’t Forget the Necessities 

While naming your car is fun, don’t forget the important things it really needs, to ensure your companion is in good condition so it can last as long as possible. We know that car upkeep can get pricey, especially unexpected emergency repairs. 


Top 10 Most Common Car Repairs According CarMD’s Vehicle Health Index:


  1. Oxygen sensor replacement: $258.38
  2. New OE catalytic converters: $1,190.18 
  3. Ignition coils and spark plug replacement: $401.22
  4. Loose fuel cap inspection, tightening, replacement: $16.88
  5. Mass air flow sensor replacement:  $378.15
  6. Ignition coil replacement: $243.42
  7. Spark plug wires and spark plug replacement: $341.71
  8. EVAP purge control valve replacement: $176.45
  9. Thermostat replacement: $225.40
  10. EVAP purge solenoid replacement: $195.95


The average cost of a car repair keeps increasing, now at $397.87. That can be hard to swing when you’re caught off guard. A personal loan from TLC can be the perfect solution. The minimum loan starts at $750, with the maximum being $3,000, which would be more than enough for almost any car repair. 


Applying for a personal loan with TLC is a quick and painless process. To fill out personal loan application you’ll need your social security number, address, phone number, income, and banking information. Once your request is approved, the money is deposited directly in your bank account, and with certain lenders the deposit could be made the following business day. Repayments are made in fixed, monthly intervals agreed upon by the lender. Meaning you can get Betsy fixed before you even need to start worrying about paying back the loan. 


Celebrate National Name Your Car Day with TLC! 

If you haven’t already, pick out the perfect name for your perfect ride. Then treat them to what they deserve with a personal loan from TLC, whether it be a nice detailed cleaning or a long overdue repair. Lastly, post a pic of your hotrod with the hashtag #NameYourCarDay for all to see! 


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