5 Ways to Minimize Wedding Costs

Planning a summer wedding? Struggling to keep the cost down? You don’t need to break the bank to make your day memorable, TLC has the top 5 ways to save BIG on your wedding day. 

Go Paperless 

The average cost of sending out wedding invitations is $408. Electronic invitations are completely free. There are plenty of websites that send out evites, manage guests lists, and track RSVPs for you. Cheaper, stress free, and not to mention eco-friendly. 

Consider Consignment or Sample Gowns 

Bridal dresses are one of the top ways to bust the budget. While secondhand dresses are not for everyone, it’s definitely a way to save for those willing to think outside of the box. Look for stores and websites that specialize in pre-owned wedding gowns. Another way to get a discount is by purchasing sample gowns, as most are made to order. The only downside is that some of the detailing may be worn slightly, since it is the gown that’s tried on in store. While it may not fit perfectly, it can be tailored, and you would still be paying significantly less than getting it custom made. 

Choose Non-Traditional Venue and Date 

The summer weather presents unique venue opportunities, as an outdoor wedding can be held in a variety of places. Consider a friend or family member with a large backyard, a farm, or a park. Some couples have even chosen restaurants and breweries, as these types of places typically don’t charge venue fees. You could then use the money saved for food or alcohol. Along with choosing a non-traditional venue, picking an off-peak date is an equally effective method for saving. Saturdays are generally the most expensive days of the week to get married. While you may not get the full day experience, Friday night weddings offer cheaper venue options.

Simplify Food and Drink Options 

Seated, plated dinners are usually the most expensive catering option. Other options, such as buffet or family-style stations, or even heavy happy hour appetizers are typically much cheaper. Going with non-traditional dessert also offers a variety of ways to save while getting creative. A full open bar can also get pricey. Sticking to just wine and beer or only including a few drink options can keep prices down while still giving guests choices. 

Limit the Guest List 

Keep the guest list tight by limiting plus-ones or just inviting close friends and family. It was reported that trimming the guest list by 10-20 could potentially save $1,000 on food, alcohol, and rentals. 

Use a Personal Loan from TLC for any Unexpectancies 

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