Lasting Benefits of Family Vacations and Personal Loans

Vacations can mean much more than just time away from work and responsibilities. Family trips have been proven to have profound and lasting impacts on kids’ overall happiness and well-being.


Kids grow up fast, so cherish your family time and use a personal online loan with TLC to make it all happen!




A recent study done by the Journal of Consumer Research found that experiential gifts, such as vacations and trips, foster much stronger benefits than material gifts, and here’s why:

Long Term Memories

Vacations are beneficial not only in the moment, but for building positive long-term memories. Research done by the Family Holiday Association found that 49% of those surveyed said that a family vacation was their happiest memory. One third of them vividly remember childhood vacations, and a quarter admitted to using those memories to get through struggling times.


Brain Development

Not only does it impact memory, but trips can help with brain development as well. Experiencing new places and activities help develop parts of the brain associated with everything from stress management to improving learning abilities.


Performance in School

It has also been proven that vacations can help raise children’s grades. It was found that those that go on trips, no matter the destination, come back to school and score higher in math and reading, and have better general knowledge than peers that do not go on trips.


Bonding and Learning Opportunities

Vacations are a great opportunity for families to bond. Before the trip even begins you can all plan and look forward to the trip together. It can help teach kids how and why you should save money. You can show your kids how, rather than spending money on material goods, such as toys, clothes, and electronics, you can save for something bigger and better – like a nice vacation.


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