5 Ways To Make Extra Cash This Summer

Summers offer a variety of unique opportunities to earn additional money that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to do all year round. With warm weather, longer days, and more flexible schedules there are many more chances to grab that extra dollar. Here are 5 simple ways to earn money fast, and if you still find yourself struggling for money this summer, TLC may have the solution.


1. Dog Walking

Busy people are always looking for someone to walk or spend time with their pets. If you love animals this is a very simple way to earn a little extra money. If you do this everyday or a couple times a week, it will quickly add up. There are plenty of apps and websites that find people in your area looking for dog walkers and animal caretakers such as Rover and Suffescom


2. Uber/Lyft Driving

If you have a car and wouldn’t mind driving people around, you could make a good amount of money, and fast. This is something you could easily do on top of having another job because you get to choose when you drive. Too tired or just don’t feel like going out that night? You don’t have to, but if you live in a high demand area you could easily make a few hundred dollars in a weekend. There are some restrictions and requirements so make sure to look into them before signing up.


3. Baby/House Sitting

If you’re a student on a summer vacation or someone that has a lot of free time, babysitters or house sitters are something that families will always be looking for. Asking family, friends, and neighbors is any easy way to get started. There are also plenty of websites you can turn to as well. Places like Care.com offer a lot of options if you’re unable to find anyone you personally know.


4. Take Online Surveys

There are actually companies willing to pay for people to fill out their online surveys. Sometimes they reach out to people and sometimes you have to do your research to find them. Usually, all you have to do is apply and the companies will send you surveys that best fit your profile.


5. Become a Host

If you’re someone that travels or doesn’t stay at your own place often, start renting it out. If you live in a popular area that people often visit, you can easily become an Airbnb host. With Airbnb you have little work to do yourself, while the app lets the renters come straight to you. All you have to do is approve them and stay elsewhere for the time rented.


Personal Installment Loans From TLC 

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