Understanding Different Types of Personal Loans

When you search for a loan online, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the many different, and often confusing loans available to you. TLC Loans are here to cut through the jargon to help you understand what kinds of personal loans are available, today focusing on Short Term Multi-Pay Loans.


Personal Loans Online

Unsecured, secured, fixed-rate, variable-rate. These are all types of personal loans. Most personal loans are unsecured with fixed payments. The type of loan that works best for you depends on factors including your credit score and how much time you need to repay the loan.

Short Term Multi-Pay Loans

A short term multi-pay loan is an unsecured loan that can generally be available to anyone with a regular source of income. The borrower can get the money quickly, often the same day as application, which is why this type of loan is best for emergencies.


Additionally, the loan does not need to be paid back all at once, it can be paid back in smaller payments over a period of time. The average time expected is usually within a year, but it can vary from loan to loan.


Short term multi-pay loans are a good choice for young adults just starting out, or anyone that may be able to make ends meet, but do not have substantial savings yet.


With this loan the borrower has the financial freedom to use it for whatever they please, but it’s in their best interest to put it towards emergencies or the essentials.

Multi-Pay Loans from TLC

Total Loan Company’s short-term multi-pay loans are the perfect solution to any unexpectancies life throws at you. Car repairs, medical expenses, travel, or any other urgencies that pop up, TLC is here to provide quick and dependable service.


After a quick application and approval process, the loan is in your account by the next business day.


And no need to worry about secret or hidden costs. With TLC you know exactly what you pay with fixed rates and absolutely no extra fees. You are with a reliable company that has 24/7 customer support and data protection.


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