Holiday Debt Relief

If holiday bills are ruining your days more than the miserable weather, TLC Loans are here to help get you back on your feet.



Those pesky bills should have started arriving by now. If you overspent, opening them is definitely not pleasant, so our mission is to provide you with a solution that resolves or bridges your current troubles for an extended period of time and to provide you with a convenient and dependable source for additional cash whenever you need it! Pick up where the banks have abandoned you.


Who We Are


Total Loan Company, LLC is a consumer installment lender offering a personal loan online in the states of Illinois, Missouri, South Carolina and Utah. We specialize in helping people seeking a personal loan who are turned away by traditional banks. Get a personal loan today from Total Loan Company, LLC because an installment loan is better than a payday loan.


Total Loan Company, LLC is a highly rated lender and the TLC team has a long history of working in the consumer finance industry. Most of all we understand the challenges facing our customers and their families. We know there are times where you may need an installment loan to get you through a tough financial time. TLC is here to help!


What We Do


Our mission as an installment lender is to provide our customers with a convenient personal loan online and being a dependable source for their financing needs!


Furthermore, as part of our commitment to helping our customers meet their financial goals, we provide access to educational resources and incentive programs. By offering an installment loan as an alternative to a payday loan we want to see you on your way to financial recovery.


At Total Loan Company, LLC the loans we make are as individual as the people who apply for them! We make borrowing easy, convenient, and affordable with fast loan solutions. If you need a personal loan, we can help!


Apply Here Today


If you’re on of the consumers who said they went into debt over the holiday season (racking up an average of $1,054 of debt), then apply online today. Once approved, you will receive your loan in your bank account on the next business day.


If you live in the states of Illinois, South Carolina, Utah or Missouri, you can apply for your small loan here today.