NATIONAL NAME YOUR CAR DAY. It’s time to make a commitment to your wheels.

On National Name Your Car Day, give your trusty automobile what it really needs: Some TLC.


Even Herbie and Kit need some love now and then. Today (October 2nd) is National Name Your Car Day. Yes really! According to a study done by the Harvard Health Watch, an average American spends 101 minutes per day driving. That means that in a lifetime, an average Joe spends a whopping 37,935 hours driving a car. So isn’t it time you started taking care of your trustworthy companion?


Asides from naming your car, pay attention to what it really needs. Have you been avoiding a scratch repair? Or even an illegal back light out? If you’re struggling to make ends meet, neglecting your car repairs could be a safety and financial nightmare.


Make the Financial Commitment


It’s not rocket science to know that having money saved for a rainy day is smart. It’s important to build an emergency savings fund to prepare for the unexpected. However, the reality for many people is that saving hundreds or thousands of dollars is a struggle. When your car breaks down, it’s not helpful to hear that you should have anticipated the expense months ago. Fortunately, you have options to pay for car repairs even if you don’t have savings:

  • Insurance: If the car got damaged in an accident, your insurance provider should offer emergency roadside assistance coverage and cover repair expenses after you meet your deductible. If the car broke down but was not in an accident, you might still be able to access free help. First, check with your auto insurance provider (call the number on your proof of insurance.) Members of AAA can get roadside help from trustworthy providers. Organizations like the AARP and some motor clubs provide this benefit as well. Roadside assistance can even come in the form of a credit card benefit. Also check with the dealer where you bought your car (even if you bought it used).
  • Personal Loan: Benefits of using a personal installment loan include lower interest rate than most credit cards, can be used for your car repairs and even boost your credit score! Plus, you can consolidate high-interest debt and smooth your cash flow.

The Dangers of Payday & Title Loans


If your credit score is poor, you may find yourself considering a title loan or payday loan to finance your repairs:

  • Title Loan dangers: This is a tough situation because many companies offering Title Loans engage in predatory practices. They have an average APR of 300% and 1 in 5 Title Loan customers loses their car, plus title loans are so financially dangerous they’re banned in 25 states!
  • Payday Loan scams: Time and time again, studies have shown that the cost is much higher than the borrower thinks it will be. The average payday loan borrower renews his loan eight times before successfully paying it off. That means loan fees and massive interest charges that can add up to many times the amount of the original loan.

TLC Personal Loan – Designed To Get You Back On Your Feet (and wheels)


Our mission at Total Loan Company is to provide you with a solution that resolves or bridges your current troubles for an extended period of time and to provide you with a convenient and dependable source for additional cash whenever you need it! Pick up where the banks have abandoned you.

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Celebrate National Name Your Car Day with us!


Pick out a name for your car if you haven’t already.  Use #NameYourCarDay to post on social media. Show pictures of your jalopy with that new name on a sign placard for all to see!


Finally, don’t fall for the promises of a predatory title or payday lender. Contact us today!