Fall in Love with your Finances this Autumn


There’s something particularly romantic about fall time. The cooler nights and crisp air, big sweaters, strolls through the falling multi-colored leaves… The start of a new season shouldn’t just be focused on romance with your other half. Just like any important relationship, you have to nurture and care for the one between you and your money. It’s time to fall back in love with your finances.

Being Committed to Your Finances

What deserves love, but is the hardest thing to fall in love with? The least sexy thing you could fall in love with is your finances. Talking about finances may stir up negative emotions, from angst to confusion to embarrassment.  These feelings of resentment may derive from a combination of issues including a lack of financial understanding, the feeling of inadequate earning and the frustration over an inflexible budget.


Whatever reason you have for the hatred toward your economic situation, learning how to manage your money will lead toward happier feelings and a more fulfilled life. Being faithful and committed to your wallet can go a long way in securing a long, strong and happy relationship. In the same way falling in love with a stranger requires vulnerability,  you still need to confront your most basic financial fears and truths.

How to Form the Bond

Here are some useful tips to spark a stronger connection with your money.


1. Do your research


Contrary to belief, finance doesn’t have to be boring. Commit to reading an article every regarding personal finance to build your knowledge. Subscribe to sites like Rock Star Finance for a daily digest of top personal finance articles, as well as keeping an eye on TLC Loans’ ‘Learning Center‘ for unique insights into your financial security. It will only take a few minutes of your day and you never know what “aha!” moment you may stumble across. Building knowledge is ALWAYS a good idea when it comes to your money.


2. Play the [income] field


It’s no secret that boosting your earnings might help you overcome the ill will you have toward your budget. So look for side-hustle jobs that don’t require a huge time commitment but provide quick cash, anything from dog sitting to bartending to babysitting.


By picking up little jobs along the way, you can fill the gap in your cash shortfall each month.


3. Show some love to your finances


Some actions may be to:

  • Set a monthly budget using an online budget calculator – making it easier than ever to manage your finances.
  • Download an app to monitor and prevent fraud on your credit card.
  • Check your FICO score and credit reports.
  • Read personal finance books/articles to boost your knowledge.
  • Pay yourself first by allocating at least 10 percent of every paycheck to savings.
  • Have a conversation with your spouse about your financial goals.


4. Get help


A financial advisor can help you better understand and manage your financial situation while also growing your wealth faster so you enjoy life to the fullest. It’s important to find the right advisor and this can be difficult when you have a bad relationship with your finances, since you’re apt to leave every decision up to someone else.


If the help can’t wait and you find yourself short this month, consider taking out a short-term personal loan. TLC Loans specialize in helping people seeking a personal loan who are turned away by traditional banks. We all know the dangers of payday loans, at Total Loan Company, LLC the installment loans we make are as individual as the people who apply for them! We make borrowing easy, convenient, and affordable with fast loan solutions. If you need a personal loan, we can help! Apply today and get your money tomorrow.

Final thoughts

All relationships need to be nurtured. It takes effort, attention and communication to build a warm and fulfilling connection with any person. With effort, love grows; with neglect, it withers and dies. So don’t give your finances the cold shoulder this fall. Adopting the above 4 steps and giving your money relationship what it needs to thrive is a truly loving gesture.


If you’re in need of financial counseling, pick up the phone and call TLC Loans on (855)222-0209. With no extra or hidden fees, you can rest assure you’re with a reliable company to help you get back on your feet.