Handle Your Every-Day Borrowing Needs in Missouri

If you live in the state of Missouri and have been denied a bank loan, TLC Loans are here to help!


Financial emergencies are an unavoidable part of life. Unfortunately getting a bank loan these days is a long, painful process and often lead to denied results. If you have bad credit on the books, getting a payday loan isn’t the answer. Why? PayDay Lenders charge fees that yield effective rates between 400% and 5,000%! So you’re ultimately getting into more debt, then taking another loan out to pay the last one! This is where a short term istallment loan comes in to help.


Short-term multi-pay loans are a perfect way to respond to unexpected emergencies such as car repairs, medical expenses, or travel. The approval process is fast and easy. Once we  receive your application, our customer service representatives will contact you to verify your income and employment, you will sign your loan agreement electronically and be all set to receive your funds.


You don’t even need to pick up the phone, you can apply online here and you will receive your loan in your bank account on the next business day! (We use 256-bit SSL protection and strict levels of security and encryption to keep your information safe.)


Our mission as a Missouri licensed installment lender is to provide our customers with a convenient personal loan online and being a dependable source for their financing needs. So if you’re in Missouri and need a loan, just say NO to payday loans, and YES to a TLC installment loan. You can see our Missouri state license here.


At TLC, we want to understand your story! If you have any further questions on our loan process, rates and more, contact us here today. We look forward to speaking with you.